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Bus Positioning and Scheduling Solution

Intelligent Scheduling Management System for Bus

Industry Analysis
With the high-speed development of national economy and the speeding up of urbanization, motorization and systematization, urban traffic problem is more and more serious. Solving city traffic problems needs to vigorously develop public transportation, implement the policy of "bus priority", and build advanced public transportation system.

By continuously improving service quality, road capacity and bus operating management level, the bus GPS monitoring service management system can help establish smooth and comprehensive transportation system.

Urban public transportation features large passenger traffic, relatively low investment, low resource occupation, high efficiency, relatively low pollution, less per capita road occupation (compared with cars) and the like, so it is highly demanded to speed up public transportation development, achieve digitalized and intelligent urban transportation management, and improve the efficiency of public transportation operation and management.

System Efficiency
Since its establishment, HUABAO has accumulated rich experience in designing and crafting GPS tracking device, digital tachograph, and other vehicle safety devices. We would like to offer you the satisfactory HUABAO GPRS bus intelligent scheduling management system. Specially designed for public transportation management, the intelligent scheduling management system is excellent in solving a series of problems, such as bus delay, off stipulated route, missing stop, overloading, over speeding and so on, strengthening driver quality evaluation, and improving public transportation company management, commuting convenience and city image. Developed based on HUABAO's in-depth market survey, this intelligent transportation system aims to reform the traditional bus industry via modern intelligent transportation technology, promote modernization via informationization, establish brand new intelligent and automated bus scheduling management system, and upgrade public transportation management and service to a new level.

System Overview
HUABAO GPRS bus intelligent scheduling management system incorporates advanced information network technology, data communication technology (GPRSCDMA3G), artificial intelligence technology and so on, comprehensively applies itself into the whole transportation management system and establishes a cross-regional, real-time, accurate, safe and effective bus integrated management and service system. It is an extraordinary application of wireless communication technology in the field of intelligent transportation system (ITS).

Based on GPS/GPRS/GIS core technology, BAOHUA bus scheduling management system can release public information (like weather forecast, etc.) and commercial information on LED advertising screen installed inside the bus to enhance urban traffic informationization level. Besides, the system can effectively monitor bus, calculate arrival time and traveling speed via monitoring center. You can even install surveillance cameras at front door, rear door and bus tail to monitor and record passengers. By uninterruptedly uploading acquired image and recorded video, the system is able to timely warn and track theft, robbery and so on, transmit internal situation in real time, issue warnings on overloading and over speeding, and monitor communication in emergent situation...

This highly useful system consists of vehicle terminal and monitoring center software. The vehicle terminal contains GPS base station, vehicle phone, scheduling screen, microphone, LED, etc. The monitoring center software includes scheduling monitoring system, call center service management system, database and communication service system. As the communication heart of the whole information system, scheduling and monitoring center is responsible for swiftly exchanging information with GPS vehicle terminal, classifying, recording, and transmitting all kinds of contents and controlling information.

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