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Delivery Vehicle Monitoring and Positioning Solution

Intelligent Scheduling Management System for Delivery Vehicle

Industry Analysis
The logistics and transportation industry is a fundamental industry in national economy. Transportation cost directly effects commodity price, and then to some extend decides people's lives and consumptions. As consumers are increasingly rational and competition among manufacturers is fiercer and fiercer, it is hard for manufacturers to transfer cost directly onto consumers. Therefore, it has been the best option for enterprises to reduce supply chain cost via scientific technologies and management.

How to conduct refined cost management and improve corporate profitability is an unavoidable question every delivery company must think over. We believe HUABAO electronic vehicle fuel consumption monitoring system will lay the foundation for refined cost management, because only after acquiring real fuel consumption data can delivery companies take active actions to effectively control fuel consumption and increase profits. However, most delivery companies get fuel consumption data via driver report or invoice without a really objective and accurate data acquisition method. Therefore, a professional delivery vehicle fuel consumption monitoring platform dedicated to delivery companies is highly demanded. As refined management deepens, fuel consumption monitoring system will be more and more popular.

System Benefits
As a professional manufacturer good at designing tracking device, digital tachograph, and mobile DVR, HUABAO is confident to offer you the satisfactory GPRS delivery vehicle scheduling management system. Cargo and driver will be better protected; cargo owner can conveniently track cargo status and the whole journey any time; delivery companies can fully master vehicle information, improving management and profit via optimal allocation and scheduling.

System Overview
HUABAO GPRS delivery vehicle scheduling management system is a successful application of wireless communication technology in the field of intelligent transportation system. This system incorporates advanced information network technology, data communication technology (GPRSCDMA3G), artificial intelligence technology and so on, comprehensively applies itself into the whole transportation management system and establishes a cross-regional, real-time, accurate, safe and effective delivery vehicle integrated management and service system.

This marvelous system is composes of scheduling center software and vehicle terminal. The scheduling center software includes scheduling monitoring system, application management system, database, report management system and communication service system. The vehicle terminal contains GPS base station, vehicle phone, scheduling screen, microphone, fuel level sensor, etc. Often called as vehicle machine, GPS terminal and GPS monitoring terminal, vehicle GPS monitoring terminal efficiently and effectively receives and sends GPS position information, status information and controlling information. Generally referring to GSM/GPRS/CDMA base station and the Internet, communication network is an excellent tool for fast and convenient information exchange between vehicle and scheduling and monitoring center. As the communication heart of the whole information system, scheduling and monitoring center is responsible for swiftly exchanging information with vehicle (GPS/BDS) monitoring terminal, classifying, recording, and transmitting all kinds of contents and controlling information.

Based on GPS/GPRS/GIS core technologies, HUABAO delivery vehicle scheduling management system helps establish advanced delivery system, better manage and use delivery vehicle, timely acquire vehicle traveling status and ensure vehicle and people safety. Rapidly developing modern science and communication technology, maturing GPS/GIS technology, wide application of GSM wireless communication technology provide a powerful and effective tool for modern logistics management. 3G (GPS/GIS/GSM) will be more and more useful for delivery companies in terms of optimizing resource allocation and strengthening market competitiveness.

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