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Refrigerated Transportation Solution

Vehicle Management System for Refrigerated Transportation

Industry Analysis
With the fast improvement of people's living standards and continuous expansion of fast-moving consumer goods market, food safety has become the focus of consumers. As the first shelter of food safety, refrigerated transportation has become the most important step for food safety management.

However, there are a lot of problems in current refrigerated transportation management, such as manual measurement and paper recording, no unified data system, no real time monitoring, big regulatory gap, impossible evidence collection, no early warning, big loss ratio, etc. The current management can not live up to the fast expanding refrigerated transportation industry.

To timely handle refrigerated transportation information, effectively optimize delivery procedure, automatize operation and intelligentize management, the refrigerated transportation industry needs to resort to information technology right now.

System Benefits
HUABAO boasts ten years of experience in designing and crafting GPS vehicle tracker, digital tachograph and other vehicle safety devices. We can not wait to offer you the satisfactory HUABAO refrigerated truck management system, which is able to monitor the whole journey and goods temperature. The temperature sensor installed on refrigerated truck can transmit acquired temperature information to monitoring center via GPS. Monitoring staff can conveniently choose suitable temperature range as monitoring indicator for different goods, and the system will timely send warning signals to driver once temperature is not within the set temperature range.

The intelligent system can ensure transportation safety, reduce product damage and improve company profits. Besides, it can assist refrigerated transportation company in breaking though current management and monitoring technique bottlenecks, establishing a set of effective and profitable refrigerated transportation process management.

System Overview
HUABAO GPS vehicle management system is a successful application of wireless communication technology in the field of intelligent transportation system (ITS). This system features advanced information network technology, data communication technology (GPRSCDMA3G), artificial intelligence technology and so on, comprehensively applies itself into the whole transportation management system and establishes a cross-regional, real-time, accurate, safe and effective refrigerated transportation integrated management and service system.

This extraordinary vehicle management system consists of monitoring center software and vehicle terminal. The monitoring center software includes vehicle scheduling monitoring system, call center service management system, database and communication service system. The vehicle terminal contains GPS base station, vehicle phone, scheduling screen, microphone, temperature sensor, etc.

Generally referring to GSM/GPRS/CDMA base station and the Internet, communication network is an excellent tool for fast and convenient information exchange between vehicle and scheduling and monitoring center. Often called as vehicle machine, GPS terminal and GPS monitoring terminal, vehicle GPS monitoring terminal efficiently and effectively receives and sends GPS position information, status information and controlling information. As the communication heart of the whole information system, scheduling and monitoring center is responsible for swiftly exchanging information with vehicle GPS monitoring terminal, classifying, recording, and transmitting all kinds of contents and controlling information.

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