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Rental Vehicle Solution

GPS Tracking System for Rental Vehicle

Industry Analysis
As an all new consumption pattern and service sector, rental vehicle business can effectively meet the gap between vehicle manufacture and sales, and plays a vitally important role in pioneering vehicle consumption market. At present, vehicle rental business is still at its initial stage, and rental car shares the biggest percentage of this business.

Because car owners do not control much necessary information like car location and status, a lot of problems (like car rental scam, overdue car usage, car overuse and so on) are eating vehicle rental companies' profits and restraining vehicle rental business development. How to better monitor rental vehicle has become the focus of vehicle rental companies, and improving rental vehicle management by means of information technology has become the only effective solution for rental vehicle industry.

System Benefits
HUABAO has been engaged in designing and manufacturing GPS vehicle tracking system, tachograph, mobile digital video recorder, and other vehicle safety devices for ten years. It is time for us to present you the satisfactory HUABAO rental vehicle scheduling management system, which is effective in positioning and tracking rental vehicles in real time, so you can conveniently get the useful information (like car distribution, status, usage, etc.). Once car rental scam, overdue usage and other problems happen, you can track cars via GPS in real time, initiate alarm, and even cut off fuel supply and power supply. To solve car overuse, you can remotely control speed and mileage by means of GPS technology to reduce car damage. GPS whole journey dynamic monitoring can not only expand the business range of vehicle rental companies, but also effectively minimize unnecessary losses.

System Overview
HUABAO GPS rental vehicle management system features advanced information network technology, data communication technology (GPRSCDMA3G), artificial intelligence technology and so on, comprehensively applies itself into the whole transportation management system and establishes a cross-regional, real-time, accurate, safe and effective rental car integrated management and service system. This system is a great application of wireless communication technology in the field of intelligent transportation system (ITS).

This comprehensive and effective vehicle management system consists of monitoring center software and vehicle terminal. The monitoring center software includes vehicle scheduling monitoring system, call center service management system, database and communication service system. The vehicle terminal contains GPS base station, emergency alarm button, vehicle phone, fuel off and power off devices, microphone, camera, etc.

As the communication heart of the whole information system, scheduling and monitoring center is responsible for swiftly exchanging information with vehicle GPS monitoring terminal, classifying, recording, and transmitting all kinds of contents and controlling information. Generally referring to GSM/GPRS/CDMA base station and the Internet, communication network is an excellent tool for fast and convenient information exchange between vehicle and scheduling and monitoring center. Often called GPS terminal or GPS monitoring terminal, vehicle GPS monitoring terminal efficiently and effectively receives and sends GPS position information, status information and controlling information.

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