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School Bus GPS Solution

GPS Monitoring System for School Bus

Industry Analysis
It is universally acknowledged that children are the future of a country and the hope of a society. However, school bus accident has happened a lot in recent years (like China Hengyang Incident---the notorious and extraordinarily serious school bus accident), resulting in extremely terrible effect on society and arousing more and more people's awareness of school bus safety. Several top leaders in China have openly expressed to strengthen the work on transportation safety of primary and middle schools, and local governments pay great attention to this issue as well, taking school bus safety management as one of top priorities.

System Benefits
With ten years of experience in designing and crafting GPS locator, mobile DVR, and digital tachograph, HUABAO is confident to offer you the satisfactory vehicle GPS monitoring terminal, which can help achieve real time scheduling, monitoring and even alarm, significantly improving school bus safety and the ability to handle emergency situation. Also, the GPS monitoring system can assist in intelligently managing vehicle usage and driver behavior, effectively eliminating school bus usage for private purposes, improving school bus safety, establishing a responsible social image, etc.

System Overview
The school bus GPS monitoring system consists of monitoring center software and vehicle GPS terminal, mainly including the below functions:
1. Real time monitoring: 24/7 satellite positioning and tracking
2. Emergency alarm: the highest level alarm includes sound and light signals, which will not disappear until manual intervention.
3. Automatic photo shooting: camera immediately starts taking picture as evidence once alarm turns on.
4. Remote monitoring: once alarm turns on, monitoring center can monitor conversation in school bus and even record conversation when it is necessary.
5. Remote immobilization: monitoring center can send immobilization order to GPS to immobilize school bus.
6. Whole journey recording: 12 month traveling data recording and playback
7. Scheduling: via LCD, voice broadcasting, vehicle phone
8. Regional alarm: alarm starts once vehicle gets out of designated area.
9. Remote immobilization dismissal: immobilizing status will be immediately dismissed once driver applies for immobilization properly.
10. High durability: top quality materials ensure long service life.
11. Easy maintenance: remote restart makes maintenance quite easy.
12. Small and compact body: its small size allows for installing hidden.
13. Handy operation: vehicle location information, alarm report and other information can be easily accessed.

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