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School Bus GPS Solution
It is universally acknowledged that children are the future of a country and the hope of a society. However, school bus accident has happened a lot in recent years (like China Hengyang Incident---the notorious and extraordinarily serious school bus accident), resulting in extremely terrible effect on society and arousing more and more people's awareness of school bus safety.

Delivery Vehicle Monitoring and Positioning Solution
The logistics and transportation industry is a fundamental industry in national economy. Transportation cost directly effects commodity price, and then to some extend decides people's lives and consumptions. As consumers are increasingly rational and competition among manufacturers is fiercer and fiercer, it is hard for manufacturers to transfer cost directly onto consumers.

Taxi Positioning and Monitoring Solution
Due to taxi business's special characteristics like high mobility, complex customer base, cash transaction, 24 hour operation and so on, taxi industry has been a highly dangerous industry and taxi driver group has been a soft target for criminals. Meanwhile, the rapidly increasing taxi number comes with a lot of problems related to transportation, vehicle safety, vehicle management, etc.

Bus Positioning and Scheduling Solution
With the high-speed development of national economy and the speeding up of urbanization, motorization and systematization, urban traffic problem is more and more serious. Solving city traffic problems needs to vigorously develop public transportation, implement the policy of "bus priority", and build advanced public transportation system.

Engineering Vehicle Solution
Engineering vehicle is mainly applied as concrete mixer truck. At present, most of the concrete companies schedule their trucks by means of experienced people. However, when concrete is loaded on truck, concrete company can not effectively monitor truck and driver and provide useful information for decision-making.

Rental Vehicle Solution
As an all new consumption pattern and service sector, rental vehicle business can effectively meet the gap between vehicle manufacture and sales, and plays a vitally important role in pioneering vehicle consumption market. At present, vehicle rental business is still at its initial stage, and rental car shares the biggest percentage of this business.

Refrigerated Transportation Solution
With the fast improvement of people's living standards and continuous expansion of fast-moving consumer goods market, food safety has become the focus of consumers. As the first shelter of food safety, refrigerated transportation has become the most important step for food safety management.