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Taxi Positioning and Monitoring Solution

Intelligent Scheduling Management System for Taxi

Industry Analysis
Due to taxi business's special characteristics like high mobility, complex customer base, cash transaction, 24 hour operation and so on, taxi industry has been a highly dangerous industry and taxi driver group has been a soft target for criminals. Meanwhile, the rapidly increasing taxi number comes with a lot of problems related to transportation, vehicle safety, vehicle management, etc. Besides, public safety management puts forward higher requirements for vehicle operation and safety guarantee.

Therefore, it has become an urgent issue to improve vehicle safety coefficient and ensure vehicle and driver safety by means of advanced GPS technologies and modern management methods, and to enhance vehicle usage efficiency and reduce accident number via proper scheduling.

At present, information exchange (like emergency notice, road block notice, etc.) among taxi, taxi company, and taxi management department is not timely and smooth. It is highly demanded to integrate taxi information station and GPS to solve the existing problems.

System Benefits
Since HUABAO has been actively involved in designing and manufacturing GPS tracking unit, mobile digital video recorder, and vehicle traveling data recorder for ten years, we are confident to offer you the satisfactory HUABAO GPRS taxi scheduling management system, which is designed to establish GPS vehicle scheduling service platform. By utilizing GPRS communication network and GPS, vehicle terminal can achieve real-time scheduling and monitoring, anti-theft alarming and vehicle information service, improve vehicle usage efficiency, traveling safety, emergency handling ability and management on vehicle and driver, and establish a responsible company image.

System Overview
HUABAO GPRS taxi scheduling management system successfully applies wireless communication technology into the field of intelligent transportation system. This wonderful system includes monitoring center software and vehicle terminal. The monitoring center software is made up of scheduling monitoring system, call center service management system, database and communication service system.

The vehicle terminal contains GPS base station, vehicle phone, scheduling screen, microphone, LED, etc. Vehicle GPS monitoring terminal is often named as vehicle machine, GPS terminal and GPS monitoring terminal, which efficiently and effectively receives and sends GPS position information, status information and controlling information. Generally referring to GSM/GPRS/CDMA base station and the Internet, communication network is an excellent tool for fast and convenient information exchange between vehicle and scheduling and monitoring center. The scheduling and monitoring center is the heart of the whole information system, and it is responsible for fast exchanging information with vehicle GPS monitoring terminal, classifying, recording, and transmitting all kinds of contents and controlling information.

This intelligent scheduling management system incorporates advanced information network technology, data communication technology (GPRSCDMA3G), artificial intelligence technology and so on, comprehensively applies itself into the whole transportation management system and establishes a cross-regional, real-time, accurate, safe and effective integrated management and service system for taxi. Based on GPS/GPRS/GIS core technologies, HUABAO scheduling management system is able to provide various services like vehicle positioning, tracking, anti theft alarm, emergency alarm, scheduling, traveling data update, etc.

This comprehensive and powerful system is effective in reducing vehicle deadhead and fuel consumption, avoiding traffic jam and decreasing waste gas emission. In addition, LED light can be installed at the top of taxi, which can be used as notification screen to release emergency information and government policies, and used as mobile billboard to advertising products. The LED head light is increasingly popular since it can beautify taxi and improve safety coefficient.

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